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Our approach to wedding videography is natural and out of the way. While we will do some staging, we try to work as much in the background as possible to capture the authentic fun, energy and happiness of the day. We set expectations with you in advance, to make sure we film and edit your day exactly as you’d like.

We offer a variety of packages to accommodate a wide range of desires and budgets, and each package can be customized. Regardless of the package, we want to provide you with a high quality final product. Browse our products below.

Wedding Videography

Our packages will include a variety of these options:

Wedding Highlight

These 4-6 minute videos, set to your favorite music style, highlight the best moments of the day. These fun videos offer a great recap of your day, which you’ll watch over and over again. We upload it to Vimeo for you to share with your family and friends online.

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Wedding Film

These 15-25 minute videos make your wedding day feel like a movie. We take a cinema-style editing approach that will touch on all your emotions. It’s long enough to capture the best parts of the day, but short enough that you’ll never hit fast-forward.

Same Day & Next Day Edits

Can’t wait to see your videos? We’ve got you covered.

Same day edits are a lot of work for us, but totally worth it when we see the reactions. We shoot your morning of getting ready, as well as your wedding ceremony. We then edit a “wedding highlight”, and it plays in the background while you dance your first dance as a couple at the reception. We even time it to your song for a perfect length. It’s amazing, for both you and your guests.

Next day edits are basically an expedited delivery of your wedding highlight. Highlights typically take us a few weeks to deliver to you, but are happy to provide it to you next day if requested.

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Always Included - Edits of your Ceremony & Reception

Regardless of the package, we always provide you with at least 2 Bluray/DVD copies of your edited ceremony & reception footage. What does “edited” mean? It means we clean it up and use multiple camera angles to give you great footage. This allows you to watch your full ceremony, and enjoy some great highlights from your reception, including grand entrance, speeches, first dance, and anything else you’d like us to capture.


Additional Wedding Services

In addition to what’s outlined above, we also provide a variety of other video products, including pre, during, and post wedding day.

Love Story Video

We love filming love stories. They’re unique, fun, and a great idea to share with family and friends before or during the wedding. We’ve had ours used as save-the-dates, during the rehearsal dinner, and during the reception.

Love stories capture the story about how you met and fell in love. It’s primarily filmed like an interview, but we make sure it feels like a casual conversation, as many people can get nervous. We also work in photos you provide us of your memories over the years, and shoot at the location(s) of your choice.

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Photo/Video Slideshows

If you want a photo or video slideshow at your ceremony/reception, don’t settle for one made in PowerPoint. We can provide you with an amazing looking slideshow, and for incredibly cheap. All you do is provide us with the photos and videos you want to include, and we send you a great looking slideshow to play on loop. We have dozens of styles to choose from.

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Wedding Video Packages

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  • Ceremony & reception edits
  • DVD/Bluray options
  • Highlight Video & more
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Love Stories

starting at $499

  • multiple filming locations
  • customizable approach
  • and much more
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Photo/Video Slideshows


  • supports photos & videos
  • dozen of styles & themes
  • choose your favorite music
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